DuurzaamOver onsThe concept for our service bureau ContactPunt Suriname originated from the experience and knowledge we gained during the great immigration adventure years ago. During this process, we came come across many unknown and unexpected situations which were time consuming and costly. It was not only stressful  but contributed  to the feeling of uncertainty of the great change which was understandable; a different country, different rules, different standards and a different mentality.
Despite a well - developed plan and a wide circle of friends and acquaintances professional advice or support would have been more than welcome. Both in time and in costs it would have made quite a difference. “With the knowledge we have today, we then would have taken other decisions”. Professional advice or support would have been more than welcome. Both in time and in costs it would have made quite a  difference. "With the knowledge we have  today, we then would have taken other decisions".

Every disadvantage also appears to have its advantage; our entrepreneurial instincts were encouraged by the experience, and the idea for a service company was born!

A complete self-reflection and experience led us to do extensive research on how to improve in an efficient way also taking in account the experience of other immigrants.

Important research findings resulted in a few main problems:  

  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Expertise
  • Support
  • Housing

We now have a team of professionals who can offer you a tailor made solution in Expat Services and Property Management.

Many years of management experience combined with practical experiences and an extensive network in the Netherlands and Suriname resulted in this professional service organization; Contact Punt Suriname. Focused on quality, reliability and expertise!

"It is not just the knowledge but the acquaintances"

Not without a reason a quirk often used in everyday life in Suriname. The daily reality confirms that having a large network is a critical success factor. Reliability and professionalism of our acquaintances are therefore also among the criteria to be connected to the network of ContactPunt Suriname.